• Image of Loss by Rachel Bell

The past year has been incredible. I moved to New York. I left the people I love in Chicago. I gave up living 3 hours away from my family. I miss my brother, and my mom.
When my ex and I broke up, I made a private twitter account to document it. Any time I wanted to text him, I tweeted instead, to an audience of no one. These tweets tell a story that I'm now sharing with you. It's been a year since this relationship ended. My body is ready to love again.
I'll warn you: some of this story is painful. It deals with eating issues, and self harm. I don't want you to take on this burden without knowing that.

Thank you for loving me,

Loss by Rachel Bell (www.rachelbell.info)
40 pages
Saddle Stiched
2nd Edition of 50

***A portion of each zine sold will go directly to BYP100, an organization that trains and mobilizes young black activists nationally! For more information, visit BYP100.org.